About Majestic

Majestic Settlement Consultants, LLC is a settlement consulting firm established to advance and promote appropriate settlement of personal injury, workers compensation, class action and mass tort cases through case analysis, negotiation services, innovative funding solutions, and post settlement services and solutions. We offer more than just structured settlements.

We know what you need and therefore, we provide state of the art:

  • Case, Damage and Wage Loss Analysis
  • Life Care Plan and Trust Services
  • Access to Settlement Annuity, Bond Trust,
  • Funding Agreement and Reinsurance Providers
  • Document Assistance and Preparation
  • Unique Resolution Services and Innovative Funding Solutions
  • Medcare Set-Aside Administration*
  • Special Needs Trust Administration, Inc.*
  • Lien Resolution*
  • Litigation Financing*
  • Mass Tort In-Take Processing*
  • Mass Tort Settlement Processing*

Majestic’s mission is to provide knowledge, expertise, products and services to promote equitable resolution for all parties involved in civil disputes and litigation. We strive to enhance the injured party’s financial, physical and emotional quality of life with in-depth analysis of their unique situation to recommend the proper services for the award or settlement.