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Structured settlements are a proven way for an injured party to accept compensation in a physical injury case and allow the claimant to better secure their financial future. Structured settlements are a powerful tool designed to provide financial freedom from worry.

Settlements Plus (SP)

Settlements Plus is offered through Majestic Financial Solutions as a unique, tax-free (for injury vic-tims) proprietary solution for structuring claimant settlements. This exclusive program brings much needed innovation and forward-thinking financial strategies to the arena of structuring claimant settlements. SP allows the claimant to place their proceeds in something other than a traditional structured settlement annuity or US Treasuries in order to attempt to realize a greater rate of return on their settlement. SP provides the claimant the flexibility to allow the funds to be managed by their own personal financial advisor or by an established and reputable trust company that has been designated for the program. If you want your proceeds to be positioned pursuant to a comprehensive investment plan as decided by you and/or your advisors, but on a fully tax-free basis, the compounding opportunity provided by SP cannot be beat!

01.Potential for tax-free income

02.The ability to utilize your personal financial advisor

03.Periodic payments designed to meet your unique needs

04.Market-related returns

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