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Mr. Anderson has previously worked as a financial consultant for companies such as Merrill Lynch, Dean Witter Reynolds and New York Life. In 1989 Mr. Anderson began his career as a Settlement Consultant where his primary focus has been serving Plaintiff Attorneys throughout the southeastern region of the country. He was one of the first consultants to introduce the idea of utilizing U.S. Government Bonds to settle a large Personal Injury case. In 1998 he helped negotiate the settlement of the 5th largest verdict ($144.8 million) in the country. This was the largest settlement of a single Wrongful Death case in Mississippi’s history. In the same case he assisted in getting two additional seven-figure settlements with Ford Motor Company. More recently, he was instrumental in a $147 million case involving two aerospace companies, and helping the individual plaintiffs secure a structured settlement with the use of a fixed annuity, which is a Tax-Advantaged product. He was one of the first to help implement a Qualified Settlement Fund (468 B Trust) in a Products Liability case involving numerous estates and claimants. With Mr. Anderson’s wealth of knowledge around how to position insurance products and his ability to work hand-in-hand with attorneys, he’s helped position more than $300 million in structured settlements and other Tax-Advantaged products for personal injury, wrongful death, attorney fees and non-qualified business.

Mr. Anderson brings a unique approach to the Settlement Planning and Consulting industry because of his tenured and broad background in the financial services industry. He has utilized numerous products and services to help claimants and attorneys reach their goals and objectives in individual and mass tort cases.

Mr. Anderson is a licensed insurance agent and a professional member in good standing of the National Structured Settlement Trade Association and a Founding Member of The Society of Settlement Planners. He has been a frequent guest speaker and lecturer before Bar Associations and law firms throughout the country on the concept of incorporating life insurance into the settlement process. Included, but not limited to, are the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (now American Association for Justice) where he lectured on Mass Tort settlements at the 2004 Annual Convention, Gate City Bar Association, the Magnolia Bar Association and Mississippi Trial Lawyers Association where he lectured on the use of structured settlements in Medical Malpractice cases.

Fernandez has worked with many of the most successful Plaintiff Attorneys throughout the southeast in becoming a vital member of their extended team in not only helping them settle cases but in forming synergistic partnerships that have resulted in lucrative settlements for all parties, and more importantly, securing the settlement proceeds of their clients.

When not working with his clients, Fernandez enjoys spending time with his wife and four children.

Please note that Fernandez Anderson does not give legal or tax advice. Through Majestic, you will
have access to a tax advisor and/or attorney.




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Lessons From a Business Pioneer

Fernandez Anderson studied Business Management at West Virginia Institute of Technology and he obtained his Certified Structured Settlement Consultant designation

from the University of Notre Dame Mendoza

School of Business.

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