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Attorney Fee Structured Settlement Annuity

While structured settlements are an excellent option for personal injury claimants, they are also available for council except they are text deferred, not text free. Using a fee structure, all or part of your attorney fee can be deferred pre-tax and paid overtime. With an attorney fee structure, you will receive the same texture for a benefit as a qualified pension plan without all the hassle of having to adhere to the requirements of a qualified plan including how much you can put in. Benefits can begin whenever you choose. In addition, spreading fees over several years avoid a higher tax bracket and allows the money saved in taxes to be positioned at little Or no risk with no money management fees.


Fee Structure Plus (FSP)

Fee structure plus is offered through stage settlements consultants as a unique, proprietary solution for structuring attorney fees. This exclusive program brings much-needed innovation in Fort thinking investment strategies to the arena of structuring attorney fees. Fee structure plus allows attorney to invest their feet and something other than a traditional annuity or US treasuries in order to attempt to realize a greater rate of return on their investment. With FSP, the attorney has the flexibility to allow the funds to be managed by their own personal financial advisor or by and established and reputable trust company that has a designated for the program.


If you want your fees to be positioned pursuant to a comprehensive investment plan is decided by you and/or your advisers, but on a full text first base is the compounding opportunity to provide the FSP cannot be beat!

What Benefits Will You Gain From FSP?

  • Potential for income and tax deferral

  • The ability to utilize your personal financial advisor

  • Periodic payments designed to meet your unique needs

  • Market-related returns

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